Quick Start Guide

Connect to the Cloud UI

1. To begin, you must create an account or purchase On Demand credits.

2. Once you have an account, download the Cloud UI software for your operating system. Follow the steps to install the Cloud UI software.

3. Open then Cloud UI software and click Log In.

4. Enter the following information to the login window:

Render Farm Service: feed.renderfeed.com

Studio Account: The username you used when you created your account

Username: administrator

Password: The password you used when you created your account

IMPORTANT:  You must log in the first time as administrator. You can add more users later.

Congratulations! You are now connected to the Cloud UI Software!

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Submit a Project

1. Click on “New project” and enter the name of your project.

2. Click on “New job” and fill in the job template as described below.

Click image for full size

A. Rendering Application: Choose the 3D application you would like to use.

B. Shot Name: Enter the name of your shot.

C. Job Identifier: This is a unique ID number for each job.

D. Description: Enter a description or job name.

E. Queue Priority: Renderfeed has 3 Que Priorities to choose from; Economy, Standard, and Premium. Premium has a highest priority and Standard has the lowest priority. See our pricing page for more details.

F. Render Pool: Leave this set to NETWORK.

G. Image Delivery Method: There are 3 options to download your frames.

  • ON JOB COMPLETION: Your frames will be automatically downloaded after your job completes rendering.
  • ON FRAME COMPLETION: Your frames will be automatically downloaded after each frame completes rendering.
  • MANUAL DOWNLOAD: Download your frames later. Choose MANUAL DOWNLOAD only if “Archive images on server” is checked or if you have set up an FTP Profile.

H. Number frames per render node (Expert Mode only): Choose the number of frames you would like to send to each render-node. If the setting is left at “0”, the Renderfeed render manager will automatically determine how many frames will be sent to each render node.

I. Email Notifications( Expert Mode only): Enter comma separated emails here and click settings to choose which email notifications to receive.

J. Archive images on server: Check this if you want your images to be archived on the Renderfeed server. Archived files will be available for download for 21 days.

IMPORTANT: If you leave “Archive images on server” unchecked, your files will be deleted after download.

K. Create output folders if they don’t exist: Check this if you would like output folders automatically created.

L. Notes (Expert Mode only): Add notes to your job.

M. Job Completion Method (Expert Mode only): Choose whether or not to remove the job from the queue after the render completes.

N. Project Directory: Choose your project directory.

O. Scene File Name: Choose your scene file.

P. Output Directory: Choose the directory where your rendered frames will download to. NOTE: The output directory can not be in the project directory.

Q. Frame List: Enter individual frames to render here. This will override the settings in your scene file.

R. Starting Frame: Enter the starting frame of your sequence. This will override the settings in your scene file.

S. Starting Frame: Enter the ending frame of your sequence. This will override the settings in your scene file.

T. Frame Step: Enter 2 to render ever 2nd frame, 3 to render every third frame, etc… Leave setting at 1 to render all frames. This will override the settings in your scene file.

U. Image Prefix: Enter the name that you would like your rendered files to begin with. This will override the settings in your scene file.

V. Multipass: Check this to if your scene file is using multipass.

W. Image Format: Leave at <default> to use scene file settings or select the desired image format from the drop-down.

X. Options: Enter any additional command line arguments specific to your 3d software.

Y. Save only: Save the job template setting and submit (render) the job later.

Z. Submit: Send your job off to the Renderfeed farm for rendering!

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