About Us

Dedicated to 3D rendering, Renderfeed offers an enormous amount of power to rapidly render your 3D jobs. Remote rendering has never been easier with the Renderfeed software, which allows you to sync and manage your jobs using the desktop app or web-based manager. These features, in addition to flexible purchasing options, make Renderfeed the most seamless and affordable online rendering solution.

We at Renderfeed have chosen to focus all of our efforts on the rapidly and constantly expanding 3D rendering community. We are composed of experienced 3D professionals who understand the woes of the rendering pipeline. Using our hands-on experience and render farm knowledge, we have worked tirelessly to to develop the best remote rendering experience; providing you a service similar to having your own internal render farm on your network.


Renderfeed On Demand

Credit-based rendering system

With this credit-based system, Renderfeed On Demand lets you purchase the amount that is right for your render, and if you have credits left over they are always good for next time. Starting at 35¢ USD per core hour it is the lowest rate to get your jobs rendered online and on time.

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Renderfeed Software

Powerful control to sync and manage your jobs

The Renderfeed software was developed by Squidnet with a single objective: make using the Renderfeed render farm as easy and seamless as possible, while still having the necessary power and flexibility. Once you log in with your username and password, you’re ready to sync, submit, manage and download your jobs.

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