Renderfeed: Tell me a little bit about yourself and about your life as a designer in Dortmund.

(Mark) 50% of my daily business is commercial illustration and animation. 2 days a week I’m teaching graphic design and digital illustration; the rest of the week I am working on my personal projects.

Being a designer in Dortmund is nothing special. 99% of my jobs are handled via email, so I could sit everywhere on this planet as long as I have a stable web connection. In fact Dortmund with its 580,000 citizens is a quite small city, but I enjoy life and the people here. I can afford a studio, which I couldn’t afford if I was based in London or New York. Next to that I’m still with my old school friends here.

Renderfeed: Your digital work is very unique, crazy funny and colorful, with textures that resemble translucent porcelain or shiny plastic. How did you develop such a personal style?

(Mark) I don’t think it was a combination of conscious decisions, but coming from a graffiti background where everyone was painting letters back in the days you were always fighting for attention, you wanted your letters to be recognized, you needed to develop a signature style. I always forced myself to not copy other people or walk on beaten tracks. So I tried to innovate and look different. When I look at my personal work nowadays I think it is a combination of characters and typography- trying to be dynamic and balanced at the same time.

Renderfeed: Where did you go to school and university? Did you attend any classes at school that helped prepare you tobecome the artist that you are today or was the academic world a […]

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Enhance:C4D plugin from Biomekk on Renderfeed

Thanks to BIOMEKK, we are happy to announce that we now fully support the latest version of Enhance:C4D plugin on our farm!

This plugin is a set of 178 procedural 3D and 2D shaders for Cinema 4D. The complete shader set allows the creation of an infinite number of different textures, patterns and surfaces. In addition all of the textures parameters can be animated so that many different special effects can be generated.

If you need to use this awesome plugin for your personal projects, go on now and purchase it from HERE. We are sure it will help you boost your creativity!

Happy Rendering

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Our recent young artist, Marc Urtasun, has donated three free-to-use Cinema 4D assets. You can download the same from HERE. Thanks a lot for these, Marc! We’ll look forward to your future works as well.

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